9 Jan 2016

Review: Beauty Buffet Scentio Whitening Facial Foam

I bought this Beauty Buffet Scentio Whitening Facial Foam with Q10 during my last visit to Hatyai, Thailand. I've read a few articles raving about this facial foam as one of the best facial foam in Thailand. It's even said that almost every Thai girl uses this. Intrigued, I put this in my must-try list.

I also bought several other things at Beauty Buffet Thailand but this was one of the first fews that I've tried so I want to review it first.

As you can see, the packaging looks good. You can easily guess that this contains diary product, with the white packaging and milk cow cover.

This cleansing foam claims to give you a brighter and smoother skin with the help of ingredients such as hydrolyzed milk protein and Q10. I heard that "whitener" and "brighter" skin is a beauty trend in Thailand. I'd seen a lot of Thai ladies painted their face in lighter tone bb cream or pearl powder during my last visit to Hatyai. It was a bit unnatural in my opinion since they only painted their face not their neck or chest bone. But, that was just me. It might be a new trend in Thailand, which I totally respect.

The cleansing foam has a creamy and thick texture, and is among the hardest to lather among all other foam cleansers that I've used. A little goes a long way, a tube of this could probably last you for some 3-4 months.

You must lather this into rich foam before massaging it on your face. Do not rub it onto your face before lathering it otherwise it would damage and pull your skin, causing greater troubles such as sagging and allergic reaction with prolonged usage. Also, since this cleansing foam is hard to be lathered, it would take longer for it to foam up, extending the damages effect of rubbing it directly on your skin.


This whitening milk foam thoroughly washes away deal skin cells containing melanin, impurities and makeup. Enriched with hydrolyzed milk protien and Q10, it kicks start your routine into a clearer, even and brighter-looking complexion. The glycerin content also leaves skin feeling soothed, comfortable and hydrated.

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Aqua, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Hydroxide, Myristic Acid, Glycol Distearate, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Glyceryl Stearate, Fragrance, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Propylparaben, Alcohol, Lecithin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10), Diisopropyl Adipate, Nicotinamide

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This cleansing foam has less than impressive ingredients. A lot of ingredients here are acne-triggering, especially stearic acid (emulsifier), lauric acid (cleansing agent) and myristic acid (cleansing agent, drying). All three score a whopping 2, 4, and 3 on acne-triggering scale respectively. Although lauric acid is generally seen as a cleansing agent with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but is found to be an irritant in a study published in 1987, and is also found to have carcinogenic properties in lab experiments.

cleanser with pH 7.0 and above isn't the greatest for your natural acid mantle 

Skincare beneficiaries in this cleansing foam are aloe vera, vitamin E, hydrolyzed milk protein, lecithin, Q10 and niacinamide. I didn't find a lot of studies backing the fancy claims of the use of milk protein in this cleanser. It's a good film-former and moisturizers. I didn't even see brightening gets listed as one of its skincare benefits. Although niacinamide is a great anti-pigmentation and brightening ingredient, the amount of niacinamide in this cleanser seems too minimal to be effective. Q10 is not a brightening agent either. It works great as a lifting and anti-aging coenzyme, but I didn't find any research linking it to brightening. Other ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, lecithin are only for soothing, anti-aging and moisturizing.

Packaging ★★
Texture ☆


Honestly, I did not enjoy using this cleansing foam at all. Although it looks cute, is cheap and has milk protein that I like.

The cleansing foam isn't lather-friendly. You need to take a long time trying to form bubbles with it. Also, it smells very weird. It is like an artificially sweetened milk sweet, which is a bit yucky. My face doesn't feel clean or moisturize after washing. Rather, it feels very dry and stripped. Definitely not recommended for any skin type, even for those with oily or combination skin. No matter what skin types you have, you should always avoid cleanser that strips your natural acid mantle to avoid complicating things.

I didn't find any whitening or brightening effects after using. I only feel that my skin is very dry and I can start to see fine lines if I didn't use any moisturizer immediately. I gave up after using only 20% and gave it to Mr. Terrible Skin and he doesn't like it at all either. My best friend who also bought this during her last visit to Thailand did not enjoy it as well. Luckily, it didn't burn her skin since she has extremely sensitive skin.

Not ideal for any skin type unless you have extremely strong skin and wouldn't mind the dryness. You can find many other choices at this price.

You can get this from: Beauty Buffet Thailand / MyThaiGo / Beauty Buffet Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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