25 Jan 2016

Mega Review: Introducing the Organic Food for Your Skin "Whamisa"

I have the honour of being invited as a special guest to the Grand Opening Ceremony of Whamisa Malaysia last week.

God knows how excited I was when Whamisa opened their first store in Malaysia, since I had been eyeing for their products for such a long time! I learn about Whamisa through Glow Recipe, a highly reputable US-based beauty retailer carrying a wide range of organic and harsh-free skincare products. They have a strict list of ingredients while curating for products hence guarantee the quality of all brands get selected into their store. And Whamisa is one of them, also one of their best-selling brands!

friendly consultant explaining Whamisa products to another cute quest who attended

I received warm greeting from a nice Product Consultant Su En. She walked me through most of Whamisa products patiently. At the end of the event, I walked out the store smelling like flowers, Lols. If you are curious about the smell of Whamisa products, they smell very nice indeed. Very flowery and earthy, some kind of brewed flower petals smell that is strong but not perfumy.

neat and elegant concept design, don't you think?

So what is Whamisa and why so many people are raving about them?

About Whamisa

Whamisa is an organic and natural skincare brand that has been around since 2010. The main gist of this brand is double fermentation, where botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, rose, rice and natto are broken down into smaller molecules by yeast or bacteria. The fermented ingredients will then be small enough to penetrate your deeper skin layer with all its potent ingredients.

the beautiful lining-up of Whamisa goodies

Fermented ingredients are also naturally acidic so they will serve as a gentle exfoliator for your skin, which can remove dead surface cells and promote cellular healing. Acidity also discourages bacterial growth that might cause breakouts since bacteria cannot flourish under acidic condition. Ideally, skin should stay at somewhere around pH 5.6.

Whamisa is also great in the sense that it is waterless, which means it doesn't use any water in its formulation. Instead, it uses botanical plant juices like aloe vera to replace water. If you've read my review on The Saem Harakeke, you'll notice that certain products use plant juices instead of water to allow full expression of the main ingredients. This'll be very limited in most skincare that uses water as base since water alone is likely to take up some 70% of the total ingredient, leaving little or no room for other active ingredients. Waterless products will then pump nutritious ingredients straight into your skin like compressed juices without the need for a lot of products. That's also why you'll only need a little bit of Whamisa products and a bottle can last you for a very long time.

Fermentation also brews natural preservatives without the need for harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives like parabens and methylisothiazolinone. If you are fans of kimchi, natto and miso, you'll know that these fermented goodies tend to last longer without the need for preservatives. This would be great for individuals sensitive to parabens or those who want to avoid methylisothiazolinone like me.

what's not in Whamisa

14 problematic ingredients not in Whamisa. You'll see a lot of red and yellow flags if you run the list through Cosdna (a cosmetic database). Although I don't have any problems with parabens, chemical sun filters, PEGs, parfum, disodium EDTA, SLSs and glycols, some people might find them harsh on their skin (I have very strong skin barrier). Also, a lot of these ingredients have on-going controversies and research regarding their safety too. Guess it is better to be safe than sorry then.

German and French certifications on their organic qualities 

Whamisa is also among the very few brands to obtain German BDIH certifications. A very vegen brand, I must say. Excited already? Let's go straight to the products!

Whamisa Skincare

Whamisa Organic Flowers Foam Cleansing Cream 200g RM 169.00

This is a creamy, SLS-free, waterless foam cleanser made of 87.28% of organic ingredients. It can gently yet effectively remove impurities within your skin and declog pores. A little goes a long way, only a dime size amount in wet palms is sufficient to cover your entire face. The texture of this foam cleanser is similar to my beloved Nature Republic Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser, creamy and watery, probably because the base of this cleanser is also made of aloe vera extract. This cleanser is great in the sense that SLS cleanser sometimes might be too harsh or stripping for sensitive or damaged skin; and a gentle and SLS-free can compensate that by providing a lower pH and gentle cleansing process.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil 150ml RM 189.00

This is a mineral-oil free cleansing oil for makeup removal. For people who wear makeup, do remember to wash your face with a cleansing oil/balm first, before following that up with a foam/gel cleanser. Since I already have Banila Co Clean it Zero, I didn't show much interest in this cleansing oil. But as for those people who love cleansing oil instead of balm, this is a pretty organic choice. It contains hazel seed oil, olive fruit oil, avocado oil, camellia oil, kernel oil and even jojoba seed oil, and those are good oils for your skin! It will melt away all the makeup without being overly drying or harsh on your skin.

Whamisa Organic Flowers (Original/Deep Rich/Fresh) Toner 120ml RM 159.00

One of my favourite, most raved and also best-selling Whamisa products! These toners, unlike normal hydrating toners or pores-constricting astringents, are packed with a lot of active ingredients and botanical extracts to keep skin conditioned, hydrated and treated. They are also known as "essence toner" by Glow Recipe, which places them in the treatment essence category, of which the famous Missha First Treatment Essence or SK-II Pitera Essence belong. They bring the concept of toner + essence together and make it an elixir perfect for all skin concerns, also great for anyone who enjoys watery sensation and lesser steps in skincare. In other words, by using this toner, you can rightfully skip your essence step.

There are three variety of toners here: original, deep rich and refresh. All of them has the same functions, only with different textures. Deep rich has the bounciest and richest texture with a thick water consistency among all three, and is more suitable for older and drier skin. The original one has relatively bouncier texture compared to the refresh one, but both are equally watery. Younger people with normal/combination skin should choose the original one whereas those with oilier skin should opt for the refresh one.

I've bought a bottle of the original and deep rich toner each myself, will be reviewing about it soon! Stay tuned.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence (Whitening / Anti-Wrinkle) 40ml RM 209.00

This is an eye treatment essence, instead of just eye cream made of 95.12% of organic fermented ingredients. It can brighten up, minimize fine lines and firm up area around the eyes. Most people tend to ignore their eyes area, like my mom and I, but don't! You don't want to wait until wrinkles and crows' feet start appearing to start the panicking. Always prevent than cure. Since this eye essence is made of fermented aloe vera, dandelion, lotus as well as organic oils such as camellia oil and kernel oil, it has an oilier texture compared to most other eye creams I've tried. However, it gets absorbed quite easily and will not leave an oily residue like Methode Swiss eye cream. My first impression was actually quite good!

Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil (Deep Moisture) 30ml RM 219.00

Do you know that oil is an essential part of skincare? A good facial oil boosts radiance on your skin, promotes skin health and heals damaged cells. Those with older and drier skin will need it especially. It'll give an instant glowing effect no other essences or creams can provide. This facial oil is another great product from Whamisa that will improve skin elasticity, hydration level and overall skin tone. I was told that it can even diminish oil scars and pigmentation! Only 1-2 drops are sufficient. Just gently press them on your palms to warm them up and gently press against your skin for non-greasy maximum protection. Alternatively, you can also mix them in your cream at night for a brighter and healthier looking skin the next morning you wake up.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Apple Sebum Treatment 120ml RM 189.00

Like mentioned previously, Whamisa toner also functions as an essence. Hence, you won't need an additional essence step here. This apple sebum treatment, instead of being an essence, should be seen as an acne or troubled skin treatment step. It's made of fermented apple, flowers and rice to keep pimples skin calmed, clear, balanced and shine-free. The texture is pretty light without any greasiness or stickiness.

Whamisa Organic Flowers (Original/Double Rich) Lotion 120ml RM 189.00

These lotions are made of fermented organic ingredients like all other Whamisa products. There are two types: original and double rich. The original is of course more light-weighted compared to the double rich one, but both can be spread out quite easily, giving a silky and smooth finish. You'll only need a little bit (unlike what's shown up there) of the product to cover your face since they are both waterless. Don't put too much though, as it is hardly necessary and will take longer to absorb. I've got a sample size of this as a token for participating in the Grand Opening, which I'll try out and feedback on it later. 

Whamisa Organic Flowers Water/Nourishing Cream 50ml RM 179.00

Another much-raved and popular item from Whamisa: the water and nourishing cream. The water cream is made of fermented natto gum, giving superior moisturizing and antioxidizing effects, and is best suited for all skin types. The nourishing cream, on the other hand, has richer texture and is advised to be used at night. Both creams again contain no water, only aloe vera leaf juices as the solvent, so you'll only need to scoop out a tiny bit of the product for your whole face. The cream blends out quite well, almost like a souffle without any stickiness or heaviness. In love, I bought a bottle of the water cream and will review about them once I finished using them!

Whamisa Organic Flowers (Olive Leaf/Damask Rose Petal) Mist 80ml RM 159.00

Now comes the last thing I bought, also another very famous product from Whamisa - the damask rose petals and olive leaf mists! Made of fermented and organically grown flowers, these mists provide instant boost in hydration with phytobarrier. They are like a multifunctional goodies bag, packed with potent ingredients to soothe skin, minimize pores and provide a younger and brighter looking complexion. The organic scent also keeps you feeling refreshed and energetic all day long.

As for those who are curious, this is yet another waterless product from Whamisa. All ingredients inside are potent ingredients undiluted to deliver its benefits straight to your skin. In fact, water mists are shown to have dehydrating properties by taking away water in your skin after evaporating, hence waterless mist would be a better option for those suffering from dehydration and dryness. The small packaging also allows you to carry it around your bag easily to give yourself some refreshment whenever you feel like it, even on top of makeup!

Whamisa Organic Flowers Lip Moisture 3.5g RM 69.00

This lip moisturizer contains 98.7% organic ingredients such as aloe vera, chysanthemum and so on to keep your lips pillowy soft and hydrated all day long. Guess that I should give this a try some day since I really couldn't find one that I really am impressed with after Hadalabo.

Whamisa sun care babies

Whamisa Organic Aloe Vera Baby Sun Cream SPF14 PA++ 60g RM 89.00

Have you seen sunscreen made for babies? Now you see one. This sunscreen is so gentle and chemicals-free that is suitable even for babies! Some 75% of them are organic ingredients. offering soothing and hydrating effects in addition to sun protection. The texture is also quite soft for baby skin as you see in the picture above.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Fermentation Sun BB SPF14 PA++ 40g RM 139.00

A unique bb cream that can change colour according to your skin tone, which is what I was told. I think this bb cream has a grey undertone, and will blend quite well on your skin. I am not a bb person so I guess I couldn't say much other than these XD

Whamisa Organic Flowers Fermentation Sun Cream SPF14 PA++ 60g RM 89.00

This is their sunscreen, with SPF14 and PA++. I know some people might complain that it's too low, but that's how it works when you take off all the harsh chemical filters. PA++ is sufficient to protect you from pigmentation and aging concerns whereas SPF only covers sunburn and tanning. So, when you wear this sunscreen, do make sure that you don't go out and expose yourself under the sun for any longer than 1 hour or reapply every 2-3 hours.

Whamisa Organic Flower Hydrogel Mask 1-12s RM 39-450

This gel mask is also very popular in the US. Three choices are available: fruits & tomato (hydration), flowers (brightening) and seeds & rice (firmness). Unlike normal paper masks already soaked in essence, this gel mask requires that you apply the liquid serum inside the mask before putting them on your skin. The gel mask would then react to your skin temperature and adhere seamlessly to your skin. Most people report softer and healthier skin condition after wearing them. I have yet to use them, will feedback on them once I've tried it.

Whamisa Organic Kelp Mask Mask 5s RM 245

This is one of the most unique masks I've seen. It's made of 100% real sea kelp instead of the conventional cotton or silk. It hydrates, brightens and improves skin elasticity for instantly glowing and clear skin.

Whamisa Kelp Neck Patch 5s/box RM 145

The neck variety of this kelp mask. The first sign of aging starts from neck, so don't ignore your neck during your normal skincare routine and try to pamper yourself with some neck masks from time to time.

The Tips: Cocktailing for lazy buns

Here is what Su En taught me for those lazy days where you just want to skip all those annoying N steps routime. Drop... 1 pea size of lotion, 1 finger tip size of cream, and 1 drop of oil, mix them around and just apply them on your face. This is what we call skincare cocktail where you mix things around to save time layering several products. In fact, I do this often. Sometimes, I mix 2-3 serums together, or add a drop of ampoule into my cream to give that glowing effect and nourishment. I love doing this, it's fun, it's creative and it gives unexpected positive outcomes!

other Whamisa products

some bodycare, haircare and mencare products

appreciation miniatures/samples received from attending the Grand Opening Ceremony...thank you!!!

Received several miniatures (cleansing oil, apple sebum treatment, original toner and original lotion) as well as some samples for attending the Grand Opening Ceremony. Thanks!!!

Thanks for having me! This is me, with Ivan and Su En

What I bought

And finally, the stuffs I bought: original toner, deep rich toner, flowers gel mask, damask rose mist and water cream. I was so attracted to the scent, texture and functions of these goodies. Will start using once I've finished using my current skincare.

Thanks for Reading!

So, here ends my journey with this beautiful, sincere and pure organic skincare brand Whamisa. "Wha" in Korean means "flowers", which symbolizes the magical and miraculous power of the fermented flowers behind this brand. It's also appealing in many ways: from its waterless formula, its strictly-no-bad-chemicals professionalism to its unique therapeutic aroma. All Whamisa products are unique in its own way. They don't come in sets like most other brands. The toner is even a combination of toner and essence, which save your time and money in a great way. You could probably just use a toner to prep your skin, then cocktail some moisturizers before applying your sunscreen and be ready to go. During your busy day, you could just take out the mists from your bag and just spray it whenever you feel dry and tired. Who says skincare must be lengthy and complicated? Whamisa says no. Don't you agree?

Where to buy?

Whamisa Malaysia
Lot 34A, Persiaran Kewajipan, Damen Shopping Mall, USJ 1

Official website: whamisa.com.my
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whamisamalaysia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhamisaMalaysia/

You can get this from: Whamisa Malaysia | Althea Korea | Testerkorea
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. Miniatures received as press samples as a token of appreciation for my attendance. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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