5 Jan 2016

Comparison review: Mise en Scene Perfect Repair vs. Shine Care Serum

I guess you guys should be familiar with this hair serum. It's featured in the famous Korean drama "My Love from the Star", used by the sexy and popular artist Cheon Song-yi in the film. Of course, the main reason why it remains popular and relevant until now is the effectiveness of this hair serum. It can smooth and nourish your hair very well, leaving it silky soft and manageable. I fell in love with it when I first started to use it. It smells great and has a really smooth texture that glides nicely on your split ends, fixing everywhere it goes. Naturally, I am prompted to buy when another serum comes out from this brand, claiming to do a better job -- the Mise en Scene Diamond Shine Care Serum.

So, how does the Diamond Shine Care version compare to this million copies sold original version? Let's find out below.


Both hair serum have really beautiful packaging. If you ask me, I think the diamond one (right) looks better with classier and more expensive looking.


Both have pump top which are very convenient for daily uses. I didn't find either one difficult to pump. Both works great as a pump-top hair serum.


As you can see, the perfect repair serum has thicker and more viscous consistency (oilier with more substance) whereas the diamond shine serum is more watery and less greasy. If you ask me, I prefer the feel and finish of the perfect repair one because it feels more like a hair serum. Although the texture of the diamond care serum is lighter and more watery, it doesn't get spread as well as the perfect repair one, and is not absorbed as well either. The diamond care serum basically just feels like rubbing a thick water on your hair that doesn't get absorbed evenly.


Testing them on a blotting paper. Surprisingly, the shine care serum is oilier despite its runnier texture. 


Lastly, testing them on my hair. I wonder if you notice, the upper part (perfect repair) looks moisturized and nourished without being oily or shiny whereas the lower part (diamond shine care) looks greasy and wet? Also, the perfect repair serum smells really nice, like a blend of sweet argan oil and rose whereas the diamond serum smells a bit funky and less natural.


In short, I would say the perfect repair serum is an absolute winner in multiple dimensions. Despite its oilier texture, the perfect repair serum smells nicer, spreads better and more evenly, gets absorbed better, and will form a protective layer on your hair without being greasy or heavy. Also, due to its popularity, I actually get the perfect repair serum at cheaper price than the shine care diamond serum. The perfect repair serum also has won Beauty Awards and Elle Girl in haircare category with a total sales of 1,000,000. Guess that I should go with the popular choices instead of wasting my money trying out fancy unpopular things even though they are from the same brand. Lesson learned (or not)?

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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