25 Jan 2016

Mega Review: Introducing the Organic Food for Your Skin "Whamisa"

I have the honour of being invited as a special guest to the Grand Opening Ceremony of Whamisa Malaysia last week.

God knows how excited I was when Whamisa opened their first store in Malaysia, since I had been eyeing for their products for such a long time! I learn about Whamisa through Glow Recipe, a highly reputable US-based beauty retailer carrying a wide range of organic and harsh-free skincare products. They have a strict list of ingredients while curating for products hence guarantee the quality of all brands get selected into their store. And Whamisa is one of them, also one of their best-selling brands!

friendly consultant explaining Whamisa products to another cute quest who attended

I received warm greeting from a nice Product Consultant Su En. She walked me through most of Whamisa products patiently. At the end of the event, I walked out the store smelling like flowers, Lols. If you are curious about the smell of Whamisa products, they smell very nice indeed. Very flowery and earthy, some kind of brewed flower petals smell that is strong but not perfumy.

neat and elegant concept design, don't you think?

So what is Whamisa and why so many people are raving about them?

19 Jan 2016

Review: The Face Shop Aqua Sun Gel SPF40 PA+++

Hi peeps, I'm back with another sunscreen review again! This is my 4th or 5th sunscreen reviews, and I must say that, no matter how some of us might hate it, sunscreen remains an important part of our skincare routine. If you have to just use 1 product, you must always choose sunscreen. It guards you against sun damages that cause aging, hyper-pigmentation and all other skin problems that you don't want on your face.

Of course, finding the right sun protection factor (SPF, PA) are equally important as well. For Malaysian weather, I advise that you always look for something SPF30 and above with at least a PA of +++. If you work in the office, then a sunscreen of SPF30 PA++ is still acceptable as well.

The sunscreen that I'm gonna review today is the Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel from The Face Shop with a SPF of 40 and PA of +++. That's a high UVA and UVB protection.

15 Jan 2016

Review: Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

I got so excited when this product was newly launched in Innisfree Malaysia. It was highly raved by many bloggers. And the agent whom I used to buy Innisfree products from before Innisfree officially opened a store in Malaysia also highly recommended this to me. She told me that this orchid enriched cream had won a skincare single item award in Cosmo Korea.

Fortunately enough, Innisfree Malaysia brought it in 2 months later so I didn't have to buy it online. The one I bought came in a set with a hand cream and a mini size heavy cream. 

9 Jan 2016

Review: Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Eye Cream

Actually, I wasn't planning to write about this eye cream at all. I didn't like it enough to talk about it. But somehow I feel that I should talk about stuffs that I don't like as well, so that it would make those people who want to buy this think twice before buying right?

I got this eye cream from Sasa Malaysia. I have a mixed feeling towards Sasa, which is more on the negative sides. I visited Sasa several times in the past, and got a lot of unpleasant shopping experiences there. The Beauty Advisors there see you nothing more than a money tree, most of them don't care about your skin or wallet, what they care is their commission.

You can read more about my experience with Sasa Malaysia here.

Review: Beauty Buffet Scentio Whitening Facial Foam

I bought this Beauty Buffet Scentio Whitening Facial Foam with Q10 during my last visit to Hatyai, Thailand. I've read a few articles raving about this facial foam as one of the best facial foam in Thailand. It's even said that almost every Thai girl uses this. Intrigued, I put this in my must-try list.

I also bought several other things at Beauty Buffet Thailand but this was one of the first fews that I've tried so I want to review it first.

Review: Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cleansing Mousse

This would be my last review from the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral line, after the essence, toner and emulsion.
As shared previously, the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral line uses mineral water with very small molecules which allows it to penetrate deeper into human skin offering deep hydration. I really enjoy the toner and essence from this line, so I was curious about the limited edition Cleansing Mousse that was released at the same time.

Review: Nature Republic The First Essential Skin and Cream

As shared previously, I enjoyed using the First Essence from Nature Republic. It did a good job brightening up my skin and smelled really nice. Naturally, it prompted me to try out other products from this line - the toner and the moisturizer. In addition, I felt that the First Essence alone wasn't moisturizing enough for my normal to dry skin. So, without second thoughts, I grabbed those two during Hermo grant Xmas sales.

Question is, are they as good as the First Essence?

Before we begin, let's me touch a bit on the First line of Nature Republic. Basically, the First line here is made of fermented rice where rice with its natural brightening effects is broken down by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms into smaller and easier absorbing amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper and faster into your skin to reverse skin discoloration and sign of aging.

Sounds cool? Let's move on to the products.

6 Jan 2016

Review: Methode Swiss Whitening Spot Eraser

This is the first anti-freckles serum that I bought during my earliest stage of skincare addiction.

I recalled that I found this anti-freckles serum when I was looking for a replacement for my Aqualabel Moisturizing Toner at SASA. The Beauty Advisor (BA) there persuaded me to buy other brands such as Neogence and Dr. Wu, saying that those would work better for my skin compared to Aqualabel. I later learned that they did so because SASA is going to take down Aqualabel from their outlet so those BA will not get a lot of commission if I buy Aqualabel. Anyhow, I was persuaded and ended up buying a whole set of (RM 250 instead of just RM 45 for the toner) Dr. G Super Aquasis skincare set. I also bought this anti-freckles serum under her persuasion a few days later.

I didn't even want to go into further how my skin has serious allergic reaction towards Dr. G line, and how those BA never tell me anything about the 14 days-return policy and went on to persuade me to buy more of their products. They apologized for the misfortunate outcome and pushed me to buy Dr. Wu this time. Again, I fell into their traps again, bringing home some RM 500 of Dr. Wu Whitening Line.

But after falling into a few more traps, buying useless stuffs, and accumulate more experience shopping for beauty products, now I am an experienced buyer who have better understanding of the store and their services.

Basically, SASA girls will always persuade you to buy their home brands like Methode Swiss, Sasatinnie, Suisse Programme, Haruhada, Cyber Colour, Colour Combo. They carry better brands but since those garner less commission these ladies will always push you to buy their home brands. A SASA girl even walked away from serving me when I insisted on getting their Biotherm products instead of Methode Swiss she pushed me to buy. Of course in the end I didn't buy that Biotherm products either because I was pissed but anyway... that's their service. And I also met SASA girls who told me that a lotion is a serum or that I have oily skin (I have normal-to-dry okay?) The worse part is they will always try to make you to buy more instead of telling you what's wrong with the products you bought and all that. They just care about their commission, not your face, so do your research properly before walking into the stores.

Talking about this Whitening Spot Eraser, it comes from a brand called Methode Swiss. It claims that it is made in Switzerland but I don't think that essentially makes it a Swiss product or something. The brand has a very uninformative official website and you can only get it in SASA (Does Switzerland have SASA?). Sort of like a direct selling thing with a shop lot. 

This spot eraser has a white appearance, like grained pearl powder. They smell lovely, not exactly perfumy, but more towards fresh floral scent. You only have to apply a little bit of this, so a little goes a long way. The flaw about this spot eraser is that, it could not be well absorbed. It would leave a white powdery residue on your skin surface unless if you keep patting and patting until the product totally disappears from your sight. If you just spread it evenly and rub it, it wouldn't sink into your skin.

As for effectiveness, I can be very sure that there was NONE. My freckles remained visible. The only thing that changed was the area where I applied these serum turned lighter than other areas. Like 101 dogs with dots. This was supposedly to lighten my freckles, not the skin area where I applied this serum. The effect felt like bleaching for me.

So, I went back to the store asking for more details. The salesgirl there very smartly recommended me other products again - their whitening serum and whitening mask. I bought the whitening serum naively, and developed a lot of itchiness from it. I couldn't believe that I've wasted so much money and time going back and forth Sasa Malaysia just to make myself a spotty dog.

Of course, I wasn't saying that everything available at Sasa Malaysia is crab. I've bought a few nice stuffs from there too, especially Neogence and Dr. Wu. But seriously, I do wish that they could be more professional in recommending products instead of ruining my face for more commission.

Nothing makes a business runs longer than work ethics and customer service. Look at Kiehl's, they would ask me to get a few samples first before buying simply because they didn't want me to buy the wrong product. Innisfree has that attitude too! Even the Consultant who served me at Belif Malaysia would try to make sure that I buy products most suitable for myself.

As for those who are interested in knowing anti-freckles products, there are a few reviews under-way. One I have posted: Cloud9 cream. And I am currently eyeing Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Spot Solution. (Updated 2017: check out my review on Kiehl's here!)

Final note: better Cloud9 than Methode Swiss on anti-freckles product.

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

5 Jan 2016

Comparison review: Mise en Scene Perfect Repair vs. Shine Care Serum

I guess you guys should be familiar with this hair serum. It's featured in the famous Korean drama "My Love from the Star", used by the sexy and popular artist Cheon Song-yi in the film. Of course, the main reason why it remains popular and relevant until now is the effectiveness of this hair serum. It can smooth and nourish your hair very well, leaving it silky soft and manageable. I fell in love with it when I first started to use it. It smells great and has a really smooth texture that glides nicely on your split ends, fixing everywhere it goes. Naturally, I am prompted to buy when another serum comes out from this brand, claiming to do a better job -- the Mise en Scene Diamond Shine Care Serum.

So, how does the Diamond Shine Care version compare to this million copies sold original version? Let's find out below.


Both hair serum have really beautiful packaging. If you ask me, I think the diamond one (right) looks better with classier and more expensive looking.

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 1: Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Water, Foam Cleanser, Scrub

(Last Updated: May 2017)


For those of you who have been following me, you will notice that this is a major revamp of my Belif products review. I trim down all the necessary explanation and break the review into 6 major parts according to their categories to make referencing easier for you guys. As mentioned previously, this is NOT a sponsored review. I wrote this review out of my love for the brand Belif, I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this mega review. And I also did the same for many other brands such as InnisfreePrimeraWhamisaCosrxBiothermThe Body ShopKiehl'sLaneige, and so on. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest and unbiased feedback having trying out the products personally. I also included some feedbacks of my friends and family who get to know Belif through me.

About Belif

Belif comes from "believe", which reflects the brand's philosophy to deliver only the best things for your skin, using high quality, gentle and effective ingredients as well as formulation. Their slogan "believe in truth" represents the brand's beliefs of the "value of honesty" and the "power of the truth".

Belif inherits the spirit and herbal processing method of British herbalist Duncan Napiers. I am not sure how does they obtain all these herbal processing method, maybe they pay the franchises or something but Napiers website does sell some of the Belif products. Duncan Napiers is a British Herbalist in 1860 and owns several clinics that are still operating today in England. They carry a wide range of health and beauty products and some are also exported overseas.

Basically, Belif is like a Korean version of Dr. Wu, Neogen, Neogence, Kiehl's, Hada Labo, among which Kiehl's shares most similarity with Belif. Out of many of these brands, I like Belif the most because I like how it feels on my skin, its scent, its performance and its product range. I also talked about Kiehl'sHada Labo and Dr. Wu's whitening line previously, but none really matches the application and efficacy of Belif products. However, YMMV when it comes to skincare products so it is important that you do more research of your own and patch test before jumping into the bandwagon.

How to Read the Product Label

Part 1: Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Water, Foam Cleanser, Scrub
Part 2: Booster, Toner, Mist, Eye Cream
Part 3: Essence, Serum, Oil, Spot Treatment, Balm
Part 4: Emulsion and Cream
Part 5: Mask
Part 6: Body Care, Hand Cream, Sunscreen, Foundation

Full list of products discussed in this article:
  • Belif Cleansing Herb Water
  • Belif Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched
  • Belif Crystal Cleansing Foam Fresh
  • Belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist
  • Belif The True - Whitening Cleansing Foam
  • Belif Mild And Effective Facial Scrub
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