27 Dec 2015

Review: Regen Cos Premium Eye & Spot Patch

I bought this eye hydrogel mask from Hermo few months ago when my eyes are extra dry and all the Petitfee ones are sold out. I've read some really good customer reviews about this eye & spot patches hence I was hoping that it could reduce my dark eye circles and under-eye fine lines.

RegenCos is famous for its 2-step synergy lifting mask, which is developed specifically for women who want to have that 3D V-line facial contour by specialists with years of experience working in Korean surgical industry. I've bought a few of the masks myself, and have also recommended them for my friends who want to have tighter contour. The mask is not bad, not impressive for me (although my friends really love it), but the quality is quite good. As such, I trust the brand enough to buy their hydrogel eye patches although the price is twice higher than Petitfee (which has been sold out the moment I need it).

The RegenCos hydrogel eye patches come in a pair of 30 with 30 spot patches. So this is much more flexible than Petitfee which only has 30 pairs of eye patches. Individuals with spot problems will find this mask pack more users-friendly.

Once you opened the mask pack, you will find another layer of protective plastic seal. It's advisable that you do not remove the seal to keep your mask pack last longer. More hygienic in that sense too. The hydrogel patches smell really really nice, a bit perfumy but more towards higher-class perfume.

The hydrogel is quite thin, I guess only about 1mm, and is filled with gold sparkles. I tried to leave it on for about 30 minutes but did not notice any changes in the size or thickness of the hydrogel. I heard that this kind of hydrogel will slowly become thinner as it releases all the active ingredients into your skin but this is not the case here. I've used at least 15 pairs and did not notice any changes in the hydrogel. It gives a painful tingling effect around my eyes area whenever I apply them. Like, all the time. I also did not notice any improvement in my dark eye circles, puffiness, dullness and fine lines.

Another downside of this eye mask is that you need to finish them within 2 months after opening. That's pretty short for a pack of 30 pairs of eye mask. Do you use them once every other days? I guess most of us don't. Also, RM 89.00 for 2 months is really expensive and non-affordable.

closer look at the texture

it's fun melting this golden sparkle into hot water and apply them on the drier parts of my body

ingredients and method of use


Packaging (78%)
Scent (82%)
Texture (70%)
Cost-Performance (58%)
Ingredients (N/A)
Efficacy (0%)

poor and is far below my expectation


In short, this hydrogel eye pack is far below my expectation. The good things about it are that it smells really nice, can be reused and recycled as body (or even facial) essence, and comes in eye and spot patches instead of just eye patches. The bad things about it are that it is ineffective, expensive, short-lasting, and irritating. The cons far outweigh the pros hence I will not repurchase this anymore.

You can get this from: Hermo / Ebay Malaysia / RegenCos Malaysia / RegenCos
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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