23 Dec 2015

Haul Review: Introducing the Mask Heaven Iqueen Malaysia

Hi pretties and handsomes! Today, I am back with another haul review, this time from a Taiwanese-based retailer. This is also my second haul review after Althea Korea. I am so sorry for not writing enough on hauls, although I do shop a lot from various online retailers. Guess that they are too famous and well-established already to need my reviews -- I might as well save my time reviewing all other product empties that I've accumulated throughout the year, right?

But, the one that I'm gonna share today is pretty new to Malaysia though. They just got landed in Malaysia about a year ago in January 2015 if I remember it correctly. Unlike Althea Korea which is a new and emerging "brand", Iqueen Malaysia inherits from Iqueen in Taiwan, like an international chain-store or something. So, at least some quality assurance under the common brand umbrella.

So, is Iqueen Malaysia a good place to shop from?

About Iqueen Malaysia

Iqueen Malaysia is a sister company of the famous beauty retailer at Taiwan, Iqueen Taiwan. Asides from masks and skincare, Iqueen Taiwan also carries a wide range of supplements, healthy foods, and bags. The brands available at Iqueen Taiwan is slightly different than those at Iqueen Malaysia but the major ones are the same, namely Lovemore, Sister Diary, Sexylook, Ludeya etc. Having said that, you can get cheap prices for the said brands since Iqueen Taiwan is a major distributor of them in Taiwan. Iqueen in Malaysia specializes in masks, and is slowly introducing supplements and skincare products into their website. I am hoping that they bring in more brands in the future, especially a few famous but hard to find ones like My Beauty Diary, Hanaka, and so on. Fingers crossed!

picture courtesy of Iqueen Malaysia Facebook page

Price x Authenticity x Service x Choice

Like I mentioned, I've abundant experience shopping online. A few key qualities matter to me when looking for the best places to shop from: price, service (attitude), authenticity (confidence), choice (a variety of products) and novelty (has products you can't find in other places).

Most of the time, prices matter the most. As a normal working glass struggling to pursue her interest and passion in the beauty world (termed 小资女), prices rule. I guess most people are like me, unless if you are extra rich or what. In addition to reasonable price, authenticity is a must. But since we are not inspectors or quality-control officers, I rely on my confidence regarding the authenticity of the products everytime when making purchases. Other reasons such as having a wide variety of products (therefore, choices), constantly introducing new and exciting products (novelty) and good service play important parts in my buying decisions as well.

In this regards, Iqueen Malaysia met 4 qualities: very reasonable price x highly responsive and sincere attitude x a wide variety of brands x confidence of authenticity.

Reasonable Prices

Shopping at Iqueen Malaysia is a pleasant experience. You get the most out of your money spent. I am sure a lot of you guys are aware of the depreciation of ringgit. It depreciates about 8% against the Taiwanese dollars (NTD) in the past 6 months. Hence, most masks are now more expensive if you try to get it from agents. This is not the case in Iqueen Malaysia. Their retail prices are close to those in Taiwan. For example, Tsaio masks is NTD 249, translated into RM 32.65, but is on always on sales at Iqueen Malaysia at around RM 24.90 only. Of course, masks are very cheap in Taiwan with sometimes buy 1 get 1 discounts. But, if you discount government tax, international shipping, operational cost and reasonable profit, you'll know why it is considered cheap at this price. For those who are concerned about the authenticity of the masks at this price, like I said, masks are cheaper in Taiwan so it is perfectly possible for them to sell us at cheap price, only to mean that their profits are lesser.


I have no issue with authenticity of items sell at Iqueen Malaysia. Firstly, it is a sister company of Iqueen Taiwan, and I have never heard of Iqueen Taiwan selling fakes. And secondly, products I bought from Iqueen are the same as those I got from Watsons Malaysia. It's quite simple to test their authenticity actually, just buy some from Watsons and compare it to the ones you that get from Iqueen. 


By mentioning service, it is not as simple as the customer service (cs) team treating you nicely with good attitudes. Of course, I always receive prompt reply and great attitudes from Iqueen cs team. But, I also enjoy a few other benefits that they offer:

  • 14 days return policy with unopened and intact products
  • free gifts (and they are very generous at this)
  • loyalty points (not a lot, but sweet to have)
  • multiple payment methods provided (surely one to fit yours)
  • free shipping with a purchase of RM 80 and above (I always buy more than the minimum required amounts)
  • prompt delivery (I normally receive it on Friday if I place an order on Wednesday night)
  • English version for non-Chinese-users who are interested in Taiwanese products (I can recommend this to a lot of my English-speaking friends)

picture courtesy of Iqueen Malaysia official website


Iqueen Malaysia carries a lot of Taiwanese brands and some Japanese and Korean ones. A few are also available in Malaysian local stores, but are 2-3 times more expensive. My favourites among them are Lovemore, Tsaio and My Scheming.

My First Haul

I got my first parcel from Iqueen Malaysia during the October Cyber Sales. I ordered tonnes and tonnes of masks from them at very cheap prices. Of course, I have no issue about the authenticity of the products sold here. Never once did I ever come across any instances, blog posts, Instas or tweets commenting that stuffs bought here were fake. Consumers are smarter than you think nowadays and I trust their judgement. Now I be a part of the judgement XD. So I very bravely and generously bought a lot during the October Sales. Some were given to my family and friends (Oh well, trust me, I am not a very generous person, but these are cheap enough to give you less pains).

My Second Haul

My second haul was much more focused, since I still haven't finished a lot of the masks I bought last time. But, Iqueen was running a buy 1 free 1 sales for all Lovemore masks, so I was again tempted!

Lovemore masks are so popular among my Insta-fellows for its good quality and cheap prices so I have been eyeing for it. Those available at Watsons are a bit pricey. What's better than getting them at buy 1 free 1 promotion? I don't think anyone can resist the temptation. Last time it was Sexylook and Tsaio, now they tempted me with Lovemore. What's next? My Scheming or my favourite My Beauty Diary?

In addition to Lovemore masks, I also bought a lip tint for my mom, as well as a lip treatment and some Pure Smile masks. Ahh, I should really stop buying now.

Second haul: Lovemore, PureSmile masks and lip treatment, Berrisom lip tint

Last but not least, free gifts. A lot and lot of free gifts! I promise you that Iqueen is very generous at free gifts. I got tonnes from my first haul as well, which included a Coni Beauty Premium Snail Lotion. These free gifts are not just samples like what most Korean sellers give, they are real goodies. The Sophie Monk masks are all brand new and will only expire in late 2017.

Samples. The Sophie Monk masks will only expire in 2017.

Bonus: Beauty Boxes

Of course, the review isn't complete without mentioning their special edition beauty boxes. They start this beauty box thing during the Cyber Sales I guess, and are now incorporating these boxes into their special items list.

So far, there are two types of beauty boxes out for grabs:

link to items: left (RM 19.90) & right (RM 49.90)

The trend of selling beauty products in special edition boxes should be originated from Memebox Korea, where they sell a bunch of goodies in a box at prices cheaper than buying them separately. You can't choose the products inside, but you can choose which box to buy.

I love this beauty box concept. It's new, innovative and fun to have. Also a great way to marketize less-known and new products, to clear out stocks and to prevent wastage and over-ordering. It's a great way of exploring and knowing new things too! A few less-known Korean products have become famous through Memebox.

I got my first Iqueen Box during the Cyber Sales, as a reward for spending RM 100 and above (I spent RM 200-300 I guess). It came with this nice Coni Beauty Premium Snail Lotion and a bunch of masks. What impressed me more was the box! It was made of high quality cardboard, which was somewhat resistant and waterproof. I even wrapped them in cellophane to make them last longer. Now they took a sweet place in my dressing table accommodating most of my bigger size masks.

Maybe we should encourage Iqueen Malaysia to adopt monthly subscription of masks (so that I can get the boxes XD). I have seen Memebox US selling a box of 50 masks for only $49. And It has been sold out in just 5 days! Geee, why am I not living in the state?


I guess that's all I want to say about my experience shopping at Iqueen Malaysia. I wouldn't say that it has all the gifts from heaven and that you are either buy or regret, but this is definitely a good place to shop from. It is cheap, it is authentic, it has a lot of nice masks, and there are loads of benefits shopping from the place. Of course, there are a lot of potentials and areas of improvements for the new-born, which I hope that with increasing traffics and customers, we as consumers will get cheaper and better deals in the future.

I'll post more reviews on all the products that I've bought later. You can also check out my previous review on some of the masks that I've used.

Alright, that's all peeps! Love you guys and see you in my next post.

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

You can also follow them for more details and promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iqueen.my/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iqueenmy/
Official: http://www.iqueen.my/en/

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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