2 Aug 2015

Comparison Review: Best Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment for Dry and Flaky Scalp and Hair

Before we begin, I must explain to you about my scalp condition. I have extremely sensitive scalp with terrible bacterial / fungus infection due to my previous bad habit of sleeping or laying on my bed with my wet hair (and scalp) after shower. My past years of studying in Canada also makes my scalp condition worse due to the harsh and dry weather. I have changed so many shampoo brands over the years, from Dove to Head & Shoulder, Palmolive, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, Clear, Tsubaki, Loreal Paris, Sunsilk, Tresemme, Mise en Scene and finally Ryoe. None can really solve my problem. I still have itchy scalp from time to time, whenever my scalp produces oil when I am sweating, or when the air-con makes my scalp really dries. I have tried so many brands and used so many shampoos, be it good or bad, which I think are experiences worth sharing for all of the clueless shampoo-hunters out there. If you happen to have dry hair and itchy scalp and is struggling to find the shampoo suitable for you, or if you want to know a brief comparison between shampoos, do read on!

So I will begin with some of the worst shampoos I have tried:

#Schwarzkopf extra care shea cashmere shampoo + conditioner (RM 13.65, 175ml) 
(the worst, makes my scalp super oily and itchy, the oil is hard to be washed)

#Dove intense repair shampoo + conditioner (RM 15.00, 375ml)

(dry hair can be frizzy but I don't recommend that you use intense repair shampoo unless your hair is damaged from perming and dying, it doesn't moisturize well and might irritate your scalp)

#Dove dandruff care shampoo (RM 15.00, 375ml)
(does nothing to my scalp; dry out my hair, no conditioner)

#Palmolive brilliant-shine shampoo
(a long long time ago shampoo that I used; experience hair fall after this!!)

#Pantene moisture 
(terribly itchy scalp and more hair fall after 1 month of usage)

#Sunsilk smooth and silky 
(so oily and nourishing, only forming a coat on your hair with no other benefits, it is cheap for a reason)

Next comes the normal shampoos that are neither bad or good. They just do their normal cleansing job with no additional benefit to my hair/scalp conditions.

#Loreal Paris Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz shampoo + conditioner (RM 15.90, 330ml)
(nourishing, smells good, no major setbacks nor improvements)

#Loreal Paris Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing shampoo + conditioner (RM 15.90, 330ml)
(I used this when I was in Canada, insufficient to moisturize my hair)

#Dove Nourishing Oil Care shampoo + conditioner (RM 15.00, 375ml)
(ideal for individuals with dry hair and scalp with no scalp sensitivity issue; very nourishing, my scalp gets itchy after using it)

#Clear icy cool menthol anti-dandruff shampoo (RM 18.90, 350ml)
(the menthol inside temporarily calm my scalp but my itchiness comes back after 1 week of usage; no conditioner so it doesn't help to moisturize your hair)

#Syoss moisture intense care shampoo (RM 16.85, 400ml)
(this is just like a cheaper and less effective version of Tresemme shampoo, I don't feel a thing)

#Syoss anti-dandruff control shampoo (RM 16.85, 400ml)
(no effect on my hair/scalp)

#Head & Shoulder Cool Menthol shampoo + conditioner (RM 19.90, 350ml)
(used this in my high school and during my times in Canada, works well to soothe my scalp but loses its effect over times, but still not bad)

#Head & Shoulder Anti-HairFall shampoo + conditioner (RM 19.90, 350ml)
(OMG, this does save my hair from falling! Effective, but doesn't moisturize my hair/scalp)

#Head & Shoulder Smooth & Silky shampoo + conditioner (RM 19.90, 350ml)
(OK, this is normal, no special work done on my hair/scalp)

#Head & Shoulder Dry & Itchy Scalpcare shampoo + conditioner (RM 19.90, 350ml)
(slight moisturizing effect, insufficient moisturizing effect for hair, but considered OK to treat mild scalp itchiness)

#Tresemme Moisture Rich shampoo + conditioner (RM 29.90, 900ml)
(the shampoo is useless, considered moisturizing but not strong and makes my scalp even more itchy; the conditioner is good and it comes in a big volume so I think it is economic too!)

#Mise en Scene pearl shining moisture shampoo + conditioner (RM 30-40, 550ml)
(this is like a big volume version of Dove, doesn't moisturize THAT well, like a big-soap that produces loads of bubbles, but doesn't irritate my scalp, you can say that it is a family shampoo)

#Tsubaki head spa extra cleansing shampoo (RM 29.90, 280ml)

(OK, this is actually useless I must say, you don't need this for deep-cleansing, but the hair treatment in this line works like magic)

Lastly I will talk about some of the better ones that I have used. They actually improve my hair/scalp conditions. Some I have made several repurchases.

#Tsubaki head-spa shampoo + conditioner (RM 38.90, 550ml)
(a good scalp-care shampoo; but after using 2 bottles of it, I find that my hair gets quite dry although my scalp condition is OK, the conditioner isn't strong and is expensive)

#Tsubaki shining care shampoo + conditioner (RM 38.90, 550ml)
(a very good moisturizing shampoo, it soothes and moisturizes my scalp and hair as well!)

#Tsubaki head spa treatment mask (RM 44.90, 180g)
(a very good and one of the very few scalp conditioners/masks, works well to soothe scalp but make sure that you wash away all the residues properly everytime; again, the effect is not long lasting)

#Loreal Paris Sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo + conditioner (RM 29.90, 250ml?)
(have been using this thorough my final years in Canada, very moisturizing and good for my scalp, but somehow it doesn't help my scalp after I return to Malaysia; it smells godly)

#Ryoe cheongamo scalp deep-cleansing shampoo + conditioner (RM 35.00, 400ml)
(a cooling and effective scalp-soothing shampoo but I think this makes my hair/scalp a bit dry, doesn't moisturize my scalp/hair; the conditioner is superb, by far one of the best that I have used that is totally not oily but highly moisturizing)


BEST shampoo: Tsubaki moisturizing shampoo (red)

Tsubaki is made of camellia oil, a premium oil with therapeutic properties that serves as moisturizer, anti-oxidant, hair conditioner, astringent and so on. It also promotes the recovery of wounds and has anti-fungal function. This shampoo moisturizers my hair and scalp equally well. It doesn't strip like other shampoos. The conditioner is so-so. 

BEST conditioner: Ryoe scalp-care conditioner (green)

Ryoe is a Korean oriental haircare brand, most of their shampoos and conditioners are made with herbs especially ginseng. This green one is designed for those with dry scalp and hair. The shampoo can deep cleanse but can strip moisture from your hair and scalp. The conditioner works wonder, it is watery like but can moisturize and replenish everything your shampoo removes within minutes. I can't tell you how much I adore this conditioner! Superb. 

Shampoos and conditioners with the HIGHEST CP value: Dove

My understanding is that, you can't get wrong with Dove. It is gentle (at least gentler than Schwarzkopf, Pantene, Palmolive and Clear) and moisturizing. If you are looking for something below RM 20 but are still good for dry hair, I would suggest Dove.


After trying out more than a dozen of hair shampoos and conditioners as well as treatment, I can proudly say that I have somehow kept my scalp under control. Here are a few tips that I wish to share:

1. get a very good ionic hair dryer and properly blow dry your hair (start from scalp) after washing your hair (NEVER keeps your scalp wet for too long)

2. keep two different shampoos in your bathroom (one for deep cleansing; one for moisturizing) if you have messy scalp but dry hair 

3. hair mask/treatment at least once per week 

4. find a good scalp treatment or mask. Scalp needs moisture and nutrition just like your hair.

5. NEVER scratch your scalp with your nails. Rub it with the back of your thumb if you can't stand the itchiness. 

6. Always remember that shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp & hair while conditioner is meant to nourish your hair; dont trust 2-in-1 products as they are two different things

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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