29 Aug 2015

Authentic or Not? Haul Review: Althea Korea and Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

This review should come earlier (so do my other reviews), but I have been quite busy recently, and my internet is down so my deep apologies for the delay. I have been shopping a lot lately and have accumulated many new empties. Apparently I finish using my cosmetics faster than my speed of blogging, so many headaches seeing the list of the "to-be-reviewed" products getting longer.

Anyhow, back to the topic. I have done quite a lot of reviews on products, but have not done any on hauls, although I enjoy reading haul reviews of others. Sharing is caring; so now I be the Santa Claus.

Reasonably Priced

I started to shop from Althea Korea approximately 1-2 months ago, when I jumped into their 1+1 promotion on Facebook. If you browse through their website, you can see that most of their products are selling at lower prices but still within a reasonable range compared to many beauty stores out there. I have loads of experiences shopping online, so I know overly-low prices might be a blow-off because it is too good to be true. Come on, this is business, not some charity organization, right? Althea, however, is considered "reasonably priced" because it is not too low but still lower than most retail outlets.

26 Aug 2015

Review: It's Skin 2PM Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++

I got this sunblock from Hermo after I stomped across it at It's Skin Sungei Wang and fell in love with the scent and texture of this sunblock. I didn't get it directly from the Sungei Wang branch though because the price is twice more expensive than Hermo. Somehow, Korean brands that enter local market tend to price their products way too high compared to their original prices in Korea. I am not sure why, but it is either for greater profits or due to reasons like tax and operational costs.

I fell in love with the sunblock immediately after trying it on my hand. The texture is very moisturizing, soft and velvety, and what's more surprising is the scent of this product! It smells exactly, or very similar to the It's Skin Prestige Creme D'escargot, a very famous snail cream from the brand. It is very floral and sweet, something that can make you feel happy. 

Review: Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Limited Rose Edition

First essence or treatment essence whatever you call it is getting more and more popular recently, thanks to SK-II that leads the trend. The Korean beauty market has released loads of these first essences or booster at much cheaper prices. Although I personally don't think any of these SK-II dupes can beat SK-II, but considering the prices, these Korean boosters might be preferred choices by most girls. Personally, I like to take first essence as the "essence of a brand". I might not try every products in each brand, but if you ask me to at least try one, I will pick their first essence. For that reason, I now have Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment Essence, Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and Hera Cell Essence and many more in my wardrobe waiting for reviews. I like how these first essences are watery in texture but have skin-renewing properties. Our skin metabolism reduces with ages and that's the time when pigmentation, wrinkles and pores come to knock the door. I am hoping that these first essences can play a major role in delaying them by enhancing our skin metabolism rate

The first essence I have recently finished using after my Nature Republic Saccharomyces Ferment The First Essence would be the Secret Key STE Limited Rose Edition. Officially, Secret Key STE is retailed at 32,000 KRW (or RM 108.90) but you can get it at cheaper than the stated prices if you shop smartly. I am not sure why, but I guess Secret Key lacks the originality and popularity to compete with major Korea brands so they have to push their prices lower. Also, I have seen them making their ways to the Southeast Asian markets. Many Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian bloggers are sharing about the Secret Key STE. High value-for-money might be the major strategy that Secret Key uses to attract fans. 

8 Aug 2015

Review: Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence

Innisfree introduces the Jeju Sparkling Mineral line in spring/summer 2015. The entire concept of this line comes from mineral water or deionized water where water molecules are smaller than normal water. This mineral water can then penetrate deeper and faster than normal water, carrying along all other active ingredients with it. If you are wondering what mineral water is... mineral water is water with all traces of minerals removed except for carbon dioxide.

4 Aug 2015

Review: Ryoe Cheongamo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo + Rinse

As mentioned in my previous post, I am very particular when it comes to haircare, due to my terrible scalp condition (infected, dry and flaky and itchy) as well as tangled and fizzy long hair. As such, I can't just use a deep-cleansing shampoo to solve all my problem because although it can detoxify my scalp, it will really dry out my hair. I have tried quite a lot, from Clear, Head & Shoulders, Dove anti-dandruff to Tsubaki head spa. Except for Tsubaki (which I finished two bottles), I gave up on the rest not even half bottle emptied. They make my hair super dry and frizzy. However, if I only use nourishing shampoos such as Dove oil-care or Mise en Scene Pearl Shining, they didn't soothe and detoxify my troubled scalp. See the dilemma? So after learning about Ryoe, a korean oriental herbal haircare brand from hermo (OK, I am not paid to do any advertisement for Hermo, I just used to shop with them a lot in the past year), I was thinking "why don't I give it a try", which is why I ended up with this Ryoe Cheongamo scalp-deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner set. It is often referred to as the green Ryoe as well.

2 Aug 2015

Comparison Review: Best Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment for Dry and Flaky Scalp and Hair

Before we begin, I must explain to you about my scalp condition. I have extremely sensitive scalp with terrible bacterial / fungus infection due to my previous bad habit of sleeping or laying on my bed with my wet hair (and scalp) after shower. My past years of studying in Canada also makes my scalp condition worse due to the harsh and dry weather. I have changed so many shampoo brands over the years, from Dove to Head & Shoulder, Palmolive, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, Clear, Tsubaki, Loreal Paris, Sunsilk, Tresemme, Mise en Scene and finally Ryoe. None can really solve my problem. I still have itchy scalp from time to time, whenever my scalp produces oil when I am sweating, or when the air-con makes my scalp really dries. I have tried so many brands and used so many shampoos, be it good or bad, which I think are experiences worth sharing for all of the clueless shampoo-hunters out there. If you happen to have dry hair and itchy scalp and is struggling to find the shampoo suitable for you, or if you want to know a brief comparison between shampoos, do read on!

So I will begin with some of the worst shampoos I have tried:

#Schwarzkopf extra care shea cashmere shampoo + conditioner (RM 13.65, 175ml) 
(the worst, makes my scalp super oily and itchy, the oil is hard to be washed)

#Dove intense repair shampoo + conditioner (RM 15.00, 375ml)

(dry hair can be frizzy but I don't recommend that you use intense repair shampoo unless your hair is damaged from perming and dying, it doesn't moisturize well and might irritate your scalp)

#Dove dandruff care shampoo (RM 15.00, 375ml)
(does nothing to my scalp; dry out my hair, no conditioner)

#Palmolive brilliant-shine shampoo
(a long long time ago shampoo that I used; experience hair fall after this!!)

#Pantene moisture 
(terribly itchy scalp and more hair fall after 1 month of usage)

#Sunsilk smooth and silky 
(so oily and nourishing, only forming a coat on your hair with no other benefits, it is cheap for a reason)

Next comes the normal shampoos that are neither bad or good. They just do their normal cleansing job with no additional benefit to my hair/scalp conditions.

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