3 Jun 2015

Review: Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

Before I encounter Banila Co, I rely on eyes & lips makeup remover to remove my point-makeups (actually, I am still using a point-makeup remover now "Bifesta" but I always remove my point-makeup with Banila Co unless I put on a lot of eye makeup that day). And since I rarely makeup, I don't usually need a lot of them, one small bottle can last me for quite some months.

I still remember that, my first point-makeup remover was Silkygirl from Watsons / Guardian. I didn't finish that bottle, and don't quite remember how it performed now. I still it was a "meh". My second bottle was from ZA. That one was quite good and can remove makeup effectively. And this Biore one was my third, I thought of giving it a try after got very pleased with its Watery Essence Sunscreen, so I bought it after I run out on my ZA.

As you can see, the bottle has a nice pinkish design that is transparent so that you can estimate how much products are still left. Even the remover is pinkish in color. I am not sure is it naturally like this, or did they add artificially coloring into it to increase the wow factor. The mother company is Kao from Japan. They are known to be very delicate when formulating their products so I suppose that this makeup remover is quite gentle then.

But after using them for about 3 months or so, I can say that I am very very disappointed with the performance. It doesn't clean my makeup well enough!!!

As you can see from the picture above, this makeup remover can remove most blusher, eyeliner and lip gloss. At least most colors are gone. BUT... something you did not see are how much residues (glitters and color hidden in my skin "lines") got left behind.

So basically this makeup remover can remove all the surface things but it does not reach the deeper areas of my skin. I didn't realize that for the first 2-3 months, mainly because I rarely makeup, and it always LOOKED clean after I removed my makeup with this. Those days I always woke up with black or brown dirts around the corners of my eyes, and my skin became duller with more bumps. And I THOUGHT that was because I didn't remove my makeup properly so there was some residues left behind. I even thought that this wa NORMAL you know.

So I bought some cotton buds from Watsons and really worked hard on removing liner and shadow residues on my eye area. Ended up, I rubbed them too hard (because I always woke up with dirty eyes) that fine lines started to form under my eye areas. There was a period when I stopped makeup completely due to the tragedy (fine lines formation).

About 5 months or so later, I tried to pick up on my makeup practice again (I suck at makeup, so practice makes perfect ha-ha). This time, I tried to remove my makeup using my Banila Co Clean it Zero Sherbet Cleanser. Guess what? All eye makeup is gone. Next morning, wake up with clean eyes. It doesn't even take longer than 1 minute of gentle message on my eye area. So I threw away this Biore Eye & Lip Makeup Remover with some 15% left over.

So, in conclusion, I must say that I am terribly disappointed with this Make Up Remover. The consequences of not cleaning your makeup properly are disastrous. My fine lines are still there, although I have managed to revive my dull skin. Think twice and observe carefully before picking the right makeup remover for yourself.

My take on it?
  • uneffective makeup remover that can only remove surface makeup 
  • not as gentle as I thought as it can hurt my eyes 
  • how long can it last depends on usage: mine lasts me for 5 months 
  • more watery than oily, so it is suitable for oil and combination skin 
  • cannot remove lip tint or lip gloss trapped between dry lines in your lips effectively 

Packaging ★★★
Texture ★★★
Application ★★★
Scent ★★
Ingredients ★★★

Anyhow, I will not repurchase any makeup remover or cleanser from Biore brand anymore, although I still like their sunscreen. Apart from this, I have also tried the Makeup Removing Foam from this line. Both have disappointed me a lot.

Biore Makeup Removing Facial Foam 

This Makeup Removing Facial Foam have a jelly texture that works into lather after mixing with water. This is claimed to remove your makeup as well, but trust me, this is as ineffective in terms of makeup removing as its eyes & lips makeup remover. You won't feel cleaned, you will only end up with dry and stripped skin.

Of course, if you only wear sunscreen and really want to save some bucks on buying separate cleansers, you can try this out. I am not saying that this is THAT BAD, but I don't think that it has justified its claims. I use a lot of Kao products, from its sanitary pads to its sunscreen, and they are pretty decent and delicate. But for this cleanser, I am not sure. I wouldn't say that it is terrible, but I wouldn't recommend. It is not even a "B" product for me. In fact, in my little book where I recorded all the cosmetics I have tried, I rate it a "C-".

Just my personal humble and honest take on this product.

Packaging ★★
Texture ★★
Application ★★
Ingredients ★★★

I will never ever go back to these two cleansing products from Biore. Unless they reformulate, or if I knock my head in some ways.

You can get this from: Watsons Malaysia | Guardian | SASA
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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