22 Jun 2015

Review: Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask

I bought this black jelly mask from Watsons Malaysia after reading some good reviews about deep-cleansing products made with charcoal. Charcoal is getting more popular nowadays especially in the Taiwanese deep-cleansing mask market. Quite a lot of brands actually carry them: Coni Beauty, DMC, Bonanza, Hanaka, Shills, Annie's Way, EJG and so on... just to name a few. According to my research, charcoal is a good absorbent and is safe to be used on your skin. One teaspoonful of activated charcoal USP has a surface area of more than 10,000 square feet, which makes it a powerful dirts absorbing substance. Charcoal is also known to disinfect wounds too! Does that sound exciting? Let's get started!

So why did I choose Coni Beauty instead of DMC, Hanaka or Bonanza? 

>> it is featured in the famous Taiwanese beauty show "女人我最大"
>> it contains black rose extract, which claims to be a rare and precious beauty ingredient
>> it is endorsed by Ady Ann (安以轩) so I guess some quality assurance??

3 Jun 2015

Review: Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip and Makeup Removing Facial Foam

Before I encounter Banila Co, I rely on eyes & lips makeup remover to remove my point-makeups (actually, I am still using a point-makeup remover now "Bifesta" but I always remove my point-makeup with Banila Co unless I put on a lot of eye makeup that day). And since I rarely makeup, I don't usually need a lot of them, one small bottle can last me for quite some months.

I still remember that, my first point-makeup remover was Silkygirl from Watsons / Guardian. I didn't finish that bottle, and don't quite remember how it performed now. I still it was a "meh". My second bottle was from ZA. That one was quite good and can remove makeup effectively. And this Biore one was my third, I thought of giving it a try after got very pleased with its Watery Essence Sunscreen, so I bought it after I run out on my ZA.

As you can see, the bottle has a nice pinkish design that is transparent so that you can estimate how much products are still left. Even the remover is pinkish in color. I am not sure is it naturally like this, or did they add artificially coloring into it to increase the wow factor. The mother company is Kao from Japan. They are known to be very delicate when formulating their products so I suppose that this makeup remover is quite gentle then.

But after using them for about 3 months or so, I can say that I am very very disappointed with the performance. It doesn't clean my makeup well enough!!!

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