2 Apr 2015

Review: Coni Beauty Flora Spring Fragrant Soothing Jelly Mask

I bought this Coni Beauty Flora Spring lavender sleeping mask after I tried their Whitening Black Jelly charcoal deep cleansing mask. Although I really like their deep cleansing black jelly mask, I didn't quite enjoy using this lavender mask. I think this is a huge disappointment for me!

This is how the Coni Beauty lavender sleeping mask looks like. The purple colour symbolizes the beautiful plant extracts inside - lavender. It is also because of the lavender inside that drives me to get this mask. Geee... I should be more rational next time.

This is the description part of the product, it is written in Chinese language. Basically what it says is that this product contains lavender, sunflower seed oil and peppermint - all are meant to protect your skin against external damage, to revitalize your skin and sooth sensitive skin.

This is how the mask looks like inside. It has a very beautiful light purple colour and jelly soft texture. But I must be honest to you that this thing smells awful. It has some kind of fake roses smell, the kind of smell you can find in plastic flowers. Had it smelled better, I would have considered finishing it.

This is how it looks like after applying it on my hand. The texture is very rich, and it takes some time for absorption, which is equal to poor penetrating power for me.

But since the description says that this mask will form a thermal jelly layer on your face (I don't know the official name for this concept, but basically it means forming a hot layer on your skin to enhance absorption), maybe that's why they need a thick jelly texture. But I don't like how it feels on my skin.

I was expecting some moisturizing effect from this mask, but sadly there isn't any (they didn't specify that either). I guess I should have read the instruction more carefully next time before making any purchases. I end up giving this away to one of my friends who have sensitive skin.


This sleeping mask claims that it is great for sensitive and dehydrated skin. It contains lavender and mint to provide soothing and cooling effect while replenishing tired skin.


Packaging ★★
Texture ★★ 
Application ★★
Ingredients ★★


I am highly disappointed with this Coni Beauty Flora Spring lavender jelly mask. The design and the colour of the product are quite attractive, but the content doesn't live up to my expectation. First of all, it doesn't come with a spatula, which means unless you have your own spatula, it would be highly unhygienic to scoop it with your finger tip. Next, the smell of this product is terribly awful. I never come across any cosmetic that has plastic rose smell. This doesn't feel wonderful to keep on your face all night long. Then I am upset with its poor moisturizing effect. This product claims that it can do both moisturizing and soothing, but since I don't need the soothing part, I literally get no benefits from it. The product also feels sticky and humid on my skin. You can get this at the local Watson store for about RM 42.90 (I got this at 15% discount), but I think this product doesn't worth the price at all. Unless you have sensitive skin and would like to give it a try, otherwise please do not bother.

You can get this from: Watsons Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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