25 Apr 2015

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin

I am a responsible person (oh, really?). So, if I were to write a review of something, I would make sure that I research thoroughly about the products and their ingredients, and finish using them before writing something about it. That's good in the way that I mean what I say, right? At least I finish using them before I comment that they are either good, or bad. 

The downside of course, is that it will make my blog pretty outdated. Most products I comment on would have been outdated or been on the market for quite some time the moment I start writing about them. Impatient people (like myself) would have already grabbed one before I even post the review. 

Hence, it comes across my head one day that why don't I just kick asides all my insistence and principles and just write a quick-review or mini-review about these products. Just talk about them briefly is better than just storing them high on the shelves, waiting for my mercy one day to finally remember about their existence, and start writing about them, right?

Anyway, enough with all my grumbles and long-windedness. Let's start with our star today, shall we?

The Green Tea Balancing Skin from Innisfree is a light yet hydrating toner. It is not 100% watery with just a little bit of viscosity but is not sticky at all. 

I got this toner for free (sample size, 70ml) when I purchase the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum for RM 90 at Innisfree Malaysia Sunway Pyramid outlet, which is quite a good bargain. About 1/3 size of this toner lasts me for some 3.5 months only using it in the morning, which is surprisingly long-lasting for a 70ml product. Imagine buying the full size! 

The toner has a pretty green plasticky design with a twisted-open cap. It smells similar to other green tea products from Innisfree, some kind of fresh yet enticing smell (not exactly herby, but not like perfume either). 

In term of effectiveness, I think it does a good job as a hydrating toner that can instantly boost up my skin in the morning. My skin does not produce any oil during the day in my super-air-conditioned office (of course, with the help of green tea seed serum and green tea seed cream), compared to the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination that makes my skin oily every 4-6 hours. 

I think this toner would be most suitable for those in their early to mid-20s. It is light-weighted, yet hydrating enough for those who pretty much have good skin already. It smells wonderful and is considered affordable. Priced at RM 57, it is quite close to a Hada Labo toner. Of course, these two are very different products. I have used both, and feel that Hada Labo is suitable for all age groups even for those in their 30s. Hada Labo contains Sodium Hyaluronic Acid with gentle formula, which is suitable for all skin types whereas Innisfree Green Tea is more targeted at younger skin. The downside of Hada Labo is its boringness: something so gentle and so simple for a curious cat like myself who loves exploring new things! Yea, I have been using Hada Labo for ages since my university years and got so bored of it that I wouldn't even want to use it anymore although its reformulation makes the product really Malaysia-weather-friendly.

So, the bottom line is:

19 Apr 2015

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam

I am a lazy person when it comes to writing about cleansers, probably because I often just open and use them right away after I receive them, and they will be in their worst shapes when I am about to finish them and start reviewing them. For the matters, I rarely take photos of my cleansers. It will ruin all your good imagination about them, which is definitely not something that I intend to do.

Anyway, today I am going to talk about this Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam from Innisfree. Let me show you a picture of it in its beautiful and original shape first.

And then drop a bomb by showing you THIS:

12 Apr 2015

Is it Effective: An Ingredients Analysis on Claire's Cloud 9 Blanc De White Cream

I bought this Cloud9 Blanc De White Cream during Hermo's Christmas Sales 2014 for RM 89.00 (NP: RM 105.00). Since fakes of this product prevailed on the internet, I decided to get it from Hermo (a trustable local online retailer) even at a higher price. I had been using it continuously every night for some 3 months and is now ready to share my thought on it.

2 Apr 2015

Review: Coni Beauty Flora Spring Fragrant Soothing Jelly Mask

I bought this Coni Beauty Flora Spring lavender sleeping mask after I tried their Whitening Black Jelly charcoal deep cleansing mask. Although I really like their deep cleansing black jelly mask, I didn't quite enjoy using this lavender mask. I think this is a huge disappointment for me!

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