29 Mar 2015

Review: Kitsui Meal Replacement

I was looking for some good alternative to the expensive Herbalife when I found this Kitsui Meal Replacement. I decided to get this because it was in green tea flavour and was only about RM 2.67 each.

I must say that this meal replacement has the most unattractive design. Plain and simple. Maybe too simple. 

This product contains clean protein, essential amino acids and vitamins. It is recommended to consume with regular exercises and balanced meals.

One sachet contains 80 calories, which is equal to 1/2 of banana or 1/3 of a small bowl of rice. But I must be very honest with you that it doesn't make you full or satisfied.

Each sachet is nicely sealed with aluminium paper. 

I drank it using a shake cup. Each sachet contains powder that is light green in colour.

Adding about 100-150 ml and giving it a good shake. The mixture is like your usual milo or chocolate shake drink. 

A closer look. All powder is easily blended and dissolved. It is lightly green in color and has the smell of oat. Honestly, they are totally unpleasant. The smell, and the taste.

It is advisable that you drink it immediately after serving. Otherwise, the mixture will turn into some jelly-like substance that you will find it extremely difficult to be swallowed (due to the taste and texture) later.


The Kitsui Meal Replacement is a healthy meal replacement proven effective for weight loss. It provides nutritional balance for a healthy metabolism. 
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Packaging ★★
Smell ★★
Taste ☆
Performance ☆


This product I must say, is not the most attractive meal replacement. It has the most unappealing packaging, from the way it describes itself to the use of materials. Even the product itself is not sweet, it smells and tastes like oat, totally unlike what I have expected - green tea! It is not something I really enjoy smelling, very artificially sweet to cover the taste of fiber inside. If I must compare, I think Kinohimitsu Green Tea Diet Replacement tastes much much better than this. Of course, the price is 2.5 times more expensive, but at least I enjoy drinking that one. Even the overpriced Herbalife Cappucino is a much better choice. I guess you get what you pay for. As for the price, I think RM 2.67 is very reasonable for a meal replacement, but you can get some good toast, Chinese pao, scramble eggs, a small bowl of salads, and even some fresh vegetables. Those are much better options and they taste better too! 

As for effectiveness, I must be very honest that weight loss is a long painful process. Relying on meal replacement is not going to bring you anywhere. I did that once, and ended up messing up with my entire hormonal system. You need to properly control your diet, learn the calories of your foods, and carry out regular exercises. Dieting is all about lifestyle changing. I was looking for a meal replacement that can provide me with a convenient low calories dinner. They must be at least tasty or can make me full for the night. Kitsui has apparently failed both requirements. It tastes awful and does not make me full. It only upsets my stomach.

You can get this from: Watsons Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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