29 Mar 2015

Review: Kitsui Meal Replacement

I was looking for some good alternative to the expensive Herbalife when I found this Kitsui Meal Replacement. I decided to get this because it was in green tea flavour and was only about RM 2.67 each.

I must say that this meal replacement has the most unattractive design. Plain and simple. Maybe too simple. 

Comparison Review on Hada Labo Moisturizers: Hydrating Milk, Whitening Milk and Hydrating Cream

candidate 1: Hada Labo Hydrating Milk
candidate 2: Hada Labo Whitening Milk
candidate 3: Hada Labo Hydrating Cream
This comparison review is based on the older version of milk and cream.

13 Mar 2015

Review: Innisfree Canola Honey Capsule Recipe Pack

I got this cute little wash off pack from the local Innisfree store @ Sunway Pyramid for about RM 7.00. Innisfree actually carries a whole line of products for their canola honey but since I wasn't looking for nutri-moisturizing skincare products, I ended up only buying their mask pack. 

Here is the pack with a cute little cup design and yellow colour to show that it carries honey inside.

The texture was pretty thick and sticky but was not messy to be applied actually. However, having it on your face could be a little messy because the mask was very runny and slippery. 

In terms of application, it is quite easy to be spread out and will form a hot and sticky layer on your skin. Honestly I don't like that feeling so I washed it off after about 10 minutes.

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