21 Oct 2014

Review: Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening System Intensive Whitening Toner, Lotion, Spot Treatment and Serum

I got this Dr. Wu intensive whitening system (they called their product series "system") from SASA when I wanted to find something more "high class" that can get rid of my freckles. I wasn't that active on social media or Instagram back then so the limited beauty information I have are all from local stores like Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness and SASA. SASA is our last resort because their products are always pricey and they always give this impression that they are high end cosmetic retailer.

I spent a lot of money at SASA actually, intrigued to try this and that. It is not only until I realize that those money I spent could probably buy me some "real" high end cosmetics and that these SASA skincare are not as good as I think that I regret my impulsive buying.

Let's look at some of the impulsive buys I did at SASA:

Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Toner with Vitamin C+ 150ml, RM 119.00 @ SASA
Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+ 30ml, RM 199.00 @ SASA
Dr. Wu Extra Whitening Lotion with AA2G 50ml RM, 119.00 @ SASA
Dr. Wu Whitening Spot Treatment with Vitamin C+ 20ml, RM 169.00 @ SASA

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