22 Jul 2014

Review: Missha The Style Beautiful Tint

I know Missha is quite well-known for their bb cream, but wasn't so sure about their lip make up until I received this Missha The Style Beautiful Tint as a birthday gift from my mom last year. It is now one of my favourite make up items!

The one I got was coral, a very beautiful colour in my opinion but definitely too sharp to wear unless you also put on eye make up. Since I am too lazy to do that (I just want to avoid that make up removing part later), I still haven't finished this little thing.

There are four colours from this range to choose from: pink, coral, orange and red. All I think are very nice colours!

Let's take a closer look at the lip tint:

The design and package is quite decent, with a soft brush attached for easier application. 

The colour is very full and vivid, as you can see from the photo above. 

The colour stays even though I remove it with my finger tips after 1-2 minutes. In fact, this is one of the longest lasting lip make ups I have. Its colour stay even after a meal or a few hours.

Let's see how it looks like on my lips:

This is my bare lips without any lip balm whatsoever. Pretty dull and dry. 

This is after the application. 
I tried to "draw" a lip contour with this lip tint. It looks quite natural and it corrects my lip contour!

After 15 minutes, this time it appears more moisturized and even more natural. 

Packaging ★★★★
Pigmentation/Presentation ★★★★☆
Scent ★★★★
Performance ★★★★☆
Long-Lastingness ★★★★☆


I have an overall positive feeling about this lip tint. Priced at RM 31.00 (with +RM 6 shipping to West Malaysia) from Missha Malaysia Online, I think this is quite a reasonable lip tint given its texture and effect. Although I don't quite like the smell of this product (it smells very cosmetic), I think its long-lasting and vivid colour can compensate for that cons. This product claims to carry the moisturizing ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, but I didn't feel that it moisturizes my lip very well if I didn't wear it with a lip balm. Quite contrary, it dehydrates my lip after a while (hours or so). I observe that most if not all of my lip make ups can be quite drying to my lips, especially those that last longer, so this is not a big blow-off, but I will still look out for the better.

You can get this from: Missha Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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