14 Oct 2018

Review: Mirae Aromatherapy Mask - Soothing

The best thing about visiting Taiwan, especially for a skincare lover like me, is how many Watson’s and Cosmed you are seeing all over the streets. You will be showered in sheet masks, skincare and many other beauty products when you shop in Taiwan. No joke, it is seriously that abundant.

And what attracts me about this Mirae Aromatherapy Mask is the aromatherapy claim. Mirae is a relatively new Taiwanese skincare brand. They are more popular for their 8-minutes mask. Their popularity even surpasses My Beauty Diary masks in the recent months based on my observation. This Aromatherapy is their latest collection, which features scented sheet mask for therapeutic purposes. The one we have here is the purple one with lavender extract for additional soothing benefits.

Review: Make P:rem Moisturizing Oil Sheet Mask

I bought this Make P:rem Moisturizing Oil Sheet Mask from Althea, along with many other “medium-priced” sheet masks a while ago. Sometimes, it is better to use one of these, than 3 of the “cheap-priced” ones, as there is an actual difference between both masks. For that reason, I have stopped falling for RM1 masks that I see in shopping malls or night market, as you don’t know what goes onto your skin with something that cheap.

Anyhow, back to this Make P:rem Moisturizing Oil Sheet Mask. This is essentially a serum-type sheet mask blended with facial oils to intensely hydrate and nourish your skin. This is one of the first oil masks I am having, and I am really curious to see how well it will work on my skin.




你在Kiehl’s的很多产品可以看到欧美的影子,例如他的化妆水大多含有较高浓度的酒精成分,质地与功效也与欧美国家的“astringent toner”相似,



好了,马上来开始我们part 2:
  • 保湿柔润紧致眼霜 / 山桑子保濕緊致眼霜
  • 鼠尾草眼周亮白精華 / 保湿柔润紧致眼霜
  • 草炭活力生机眼霜 / 冰河能量抗皺活力眼霜
  • 碧研菲控油爽肤清新乳液 / 玫瑰籽礦物控油清爽乳液
  • 碧研菲活力平衡保湿乳液 / 鼠尾草活力平衡乳液
  • 碧研菲水凝膨润弹力霜 / 蠟菊活膚記憶炸彈霜
  • 水珠膨润凝胶 / 水薄荷清潤炸彈凝凍
  • 水分膨润啫喱霜 / 斗篷草高效水分炸彈霜
  • 水滴膨润保湿霜 / 紫芹潤澤炸彈霜
  • 草炭活力生机乳霜 / 冰河能量彈力抗皺乳霜
  • 豆蔻集中亮白精纯霜 / 纯净植萃莹亮霜
  • 石楠花水光亮采精華霜
  • 超涵水凝膠精露
  • 千葉玫瑰活妍能量精露 / 玫瑰花瓣保湿精油
  • 草本全能防禦舒緩膏 / 多效舒缓膏
  • 蓮花超效水凝面膜
  • 洋甘菊抗疲劳舒缓面膜 / 洋甘菊循環面膜
  • 紧颜营养晚安面膜 / 西洋蓍草緊顏晚安面膜
  • 清透水亮晚安面膜 / 白松露淨白水亮晚安面膜
  • 弹力焕颜晚安面膜 / 彈力賦活救急晚安面膜
  • 白楊柳毛孔淨透煥膚面膜
  • 綠礦泥毛孔緊緻面膜
  • 草炭活力生机净肤面膜 / 冰河能量彈力抗皺泥面膜
  • 石楠花水光亮采泡泡潔顏面膜
  • 纯净植萃莹亮修护霜
  • 保湿身体霜
  • 清爽保湿防晒乳 / 野麻嬰全效輕透防曬乳 SPF50+ PA+++
  • 水滴膨润水润气垫粉底液 / 慕斯水炸彈氣墊粉底
  • 碧研菲亲密守护多效防晒粉 / 豔陽小墨鏡防曬蜜粉 SPF50 PA+++
  • 润泽明亮防晒凝乳 / 金縷梅保濕透亮防曬露 SPF30 PA++
  • 修颜润色水润肌底霜 / 斗篷草高效水分防曬BB霜 SPF20 PA++
  • Manology 101 全效能量爽肤水
  • Manology 101 全效活肤水

Gmarket Haul August 2018 Review: I Received a "Love Letter" from the Custom!

I shop less and less nowadays. I used to buy from Qoo10, 11 Street, Shopee, and Gmarket a lot but now I am cutting back on my shopping spree and only focuses on things that I truly need. Sometimes, I may buy things I want just out of curiosity, but I will open that right after receiving it for immediate gratification, instead of keeping it on my shelf and regret it later when the initial urge has passed. You can see how controlling I’m now that I only shop from Gmarket after months of skincare “no-buy”. And these are things I need and have been eyeing for sometimes. 

Let’s have a look at these gorgeous products~

Review: Yadah Oh My Sun Protection Milk SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml, A Hypoallergic, No White Cast and Safe Mineral Sunscreen for Babies and Pregnant Women!

I am obsessed with the thought of finding the perfect sunscreen, after my horrible experience with many sunscreens. I cannot miss the chance of trying out new sunscreens that many people rave about. I know Krave Beauty has just launched one, Missha also recently revamped their sunscreen lines, but nothing excites me more than this minimalist “zero white cast physical sunscreen” that Yadah sent me two months ago. You can see that I raved about it on my Instagram. I used it almost every day despite my busy schedule and I am planning to get myself a backup after I finished this, soon.




  • Belif 山金車賦活修護安瓶
  • Belif 斗篷草高效水分炸弹霜
  • CNP Laboratory 保濕舒緩凝霜
  • CNP Laboratory 蜂膠能量保濕噴霧
  • Innisfree 悦诗风吟济州岛火山岩泥毛孔清洁净溶温热面膜
  • Lirikos 俪瑞思海洋活源肌底精华
  • Make P:rem  清爽型防蓝光防晒乳液
  • Naruko 京城之霜濃縮酵母青春精華露
  • Sulwhasoo 雪花秀润燥精华

Review: Medi Heally Herbal Eye Patch

I have a lot of faith in Medi Heally products, especially after my positive experiences with its Waist Warm Pack (for ovulation) and Herb Warm Pack (for menstruation). Hence, I am intrigued to try it out when they launched this innovative Eye on Pack, or Herb Eye Pack for your eyes!

Frankly speaking, I don’t know why Althea calls it “Eye on Pack”, maybe it is borrowing from the popular song “Eyes on Me”? The Herb Eye Pack retails for RM28/5 packs at Althea. Kao Megurhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask retails for RM22/5 packs at various AEON and Watson’s though so Kao is RM6 cheaper than Medi Heally. Let’s see if Medi Heally worth the higher price tag!

7 Oct 2018

Review: CNP Laboratory Perfection Energy Kit

CNP Laboratory has been around for quite some times in Malaysia. I saw them available at Watson's and major kbeauty retailers, but never really got to try out one of their products. Thanks to The Face Shop, I now get to try out one of these scientific-back, dermatologist tested and gently formulated goodies from Korea!

The Perfection Energy Kit that they sent me is a collection of various CNP Laboratory's best-selling products. The main call here is skin brightening effect, where they try to achieve a fairer and brighter complexion and skin tone with the vitamin C packed ingredients in all these products.

I tested all for a good three months and so, and here are my thoughts on each of the product below:

Review: Yuripibu Kakadu Spot Essence

I was on shopping spree when I purchased this Kakadu Spot Essence. By right I should be getting only the Artichoke Power Essence, but I went on to buy this Spot Essence too, although I already got three brightening serums (Kiehl’s, Laneige and Leegeeham) sitting on my table. I guess that a common mistake that all women do, from time to time.

So back to this Kakadu Spot Essence. I couldn’t find a lot of information on this Essence, because all information available is in Korean. I need to do my own researching and ingredients translating if I were to understand more about it. So basically, the Kakadu Spot Essence is a skin brightening serum made of vitamin C enriched Kakadu plum extract. It has a golden ratio of skin brightening formula, made of 60% Kakadu plum extract and 20% perennial extract.

Review: Hyggee All-In-One H2 Soap

Hyggee was really popular with its All-In-One Essence so this brand and its hydrogen-instilled soap caught my attention when it was opened for review on Charis Website. I wanted to see how good is Hyggee and whether it lives up to all its hypes over the Instagram. Here are my thoughts on the H2 Soap after using it for a good two months now.

Hyggee recommends that you use this H2 Soap when you have dry, dull and sensitive skin. Dry skin will benefit more from this product than oilier skin.

Althea Angels Box Haul Review and New Althea Mask Launch in Collaboration with Get it Beauty!

It's been quite a while since I last blogged so I want to throw in a quick beauty "haul" review with you guys here.

Althea has been generous enough to send me their latest creation or curation with Get it Beauty, a popular Korean beauty drama show. I didn't have high expectations on the new products when I received them, but they turned out to be surprisingly good!

Let's have a look at all the goodies packed in this Althea Angels box!

6 Oct 2018

Review: Innisfree My Hair Recipe Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp

I have no idea why I cannot find this on Innisfree Malaysia's official website. Only the calming and refreshing ones are available on the website. Nonetheless, here it is my thought on this recent addition to Innisfree's hair care line. I always love Innisfree products, having tried out at least 100 over Innisfree products, but frankly speaking I have not tried out one of their hair shampoos. But this latest My Hair Recipe line (with the brown packaging for scalp care) really caught my attention so I quickly bought one home after I finished my Lador Triple 3x Natural Shampoo.

It is hard for me to compare this to my other anti-dandruff shampoo because my dandruff problem is nearly cured after I used the Nizora Anti-Dandruff Shampoo I bought from the pharmacy.

I didn't want to return to other over-the-counter shampoos since my scalp is still quite sensitive and I don't want to risk having all the flakiness back again so I am sticking to this shampoo. Below are my thoughts after using the shampoo for a good 3 months now.










2 Sep 2018

Review: Make P:rem Peel Me Radiance Peeling Serum

I love Dr. Wu Mandelic Acid 18% Serum. It does a good job kicking out all the dullness and whiteheads on my skin, and sometimes the blackheads too. But Dr. Wu can be quite harsh on the skin sometimes. So I was tempted to buy the Make P:rem Radiance Peeling Serum when Glow Recipe featured it as their September 2017’s Glow Gamechanger. Let’s see how it works compared to Dr. Wu!

17 Aug 2018

Review: Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+

This is my second marriage to the Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+, after my first in 2014. Dr. Wu reformulated this product in 2016 hence this should be the upgraded formula of the previous one that doesn’t work for me. I have tried Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Laneige White Dew Ampoule Essence and The Ordinary Arbutin 2%, so I am sure I can have a better idea on this whitening serum now than 4 years back. I bought this when I visited Taiwan in May 2018 for wedding photoshoot. I was gonna get the For the Beloved One whitening line before the beautician stopped me and recommended me this instead. So I took her advice and decided to give this a second try. I have seen good results after using it days and nights for some 2 months now, which is why I am pretty excited to share it with you guys.

Review: Belif Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule

Do you know that one of the best things in life is to be given things you love and you end up loving it? Everyone knows I am a Belifian. I love Belif products and make many people around me falling for it as well. I collect Belif products like stamp. Recently Belif came out with this amazing Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule Set that I knew I just can't miss but the price is really killing me, so you can tell how happy am I when I am gifted this a few months ago. It took me a good while to test the products out, and have my husband and my mom trying them out as well. And now, I am ready to share my two cents worth!

Just something worth mentioning though. Belif changes their Brand Manager recently so their promotional activities are a bit different. You can see more freebies and gift with purchases recently. She really knows what customers want!

The Belif family is expanding.

One of the best kits you can get from Belif at great prices.

Countless GwP and fun activities!

16 Aug 2018

Review: Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Toner

Frankly speaking, I bought this because I was super in love with the Essence. I wanted to try this toner out badly, so that I can double up the pores-minimizing and anti-oxidizing effects of the Essence. Besides, who is not interested in a toner that claims to do all the firming, brightening and tightening effects for your skin? And since it is meant for big pores, I also gave it to my mom who has pores concern, and she enjoys this just as much as I do. Below are our thoughts on the toner after using it for about several months now.

Review: Helloskin Jumiso Water Splash Mask

I must admit that I buy this Helloskin mask because of the packaging. It looks like something young ladies will like. Besides, I am a fan of cupro sheet mask. My Polatam serves me well so I’m expecting the same from Helloskin. Below are my thoughts on the product.

Review: Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

I bought this Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask from SASA once it became available. I guess pollution has really become a thing in our daily life now. Many skincare products are formulated to mitigate the negative impacts of air pollutants. For instance, the cilantro orange cooling pack from Kiehl’s, the anti-pollution bubble mask from Belif, and the cleansing water made of Himalayan salt from Blithe. Jayjun joins the poll by launching two anti-pollution masks, one is the “Anti-Dust Whitening Mask” with skin brightening effect, and the other one is “Anti-Dust Therapy Mask” with skin repairing and anti-wrinkles benefits.

30 Jul 2018

Review: A'pieu Clean Up Herb Source Cleansing Water, Deep Cleansing Oil Tissue and Mineral Cau-Marine Lip & Eye Remover

Actually, this review should come earlier because these are actually products I bought from Gmarket about 2 years back. I ventured into the brand in 2016, trying out things like its highly raved sunscreen and eyes & lips remover. I also bought the cleansing water and oil issue, but since I got many cleansing water lining up in the past 2 years, I only got to try it out now. Late is better than never, lemme share with you guys my thoughts on these A'pieu makeup removing cleansing products!

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